About Us

Tom Cruz Productions is just two guys. 

Two guys who know how to make creative and attractive content. We work closely with you through ideation to a fully realized masterpiece you'll wish you could frame and hang on your wall. But it's okay because sharing it on the internet for the whole world to see is way better.  

The Team

Thomas Kim, the Executive Producer of Tom Cruz Productions, comes from a background of narrative film-making and has a wealth of experience on commercial/industry sets. He is a Telly Award winning editor and has had numerous festival showings that featured his cinematography, including the Boston and Philadelphia Asian American Film Festivals.


Chris Cruz, the Creative Director at Tom Cruz Productions has spent an extensive amount of time getting hands-on experience in the trade secrets of film-making. He is a highly experienced animator and sound engineer, working on short form media since 2010. Chris is also Tom Cruz Productions' post-production guru, covering all facets including motion graphics and color grading.